Teaching African Slavery in Canada Workshops-two additional dates added

“Run away on the 11th September last, a negro woman, named Susannah, about 27 years of age, 5 feet 10 inches high (!) smooth faced, speaks French a little and English. Whoever apprehends and secures the said negro woman so that her master may have her again shall receive a reward of ten dollars by applying to Messrs. Dobie & Frobisher, merchants of Montreal or to the Printer here.

“N.B. Whoever harbors and conceals (?) said negro woman, shall be prosecuted to the utmost rigor of the law.”         

Quebec Gazette, October 19, 1769

For sale, the negro man and woman the property of Mrs. Widow Clement. They have been bred to the work of the farm; will be sold on highly advantageous terms for cash or lands. Apply to Mrs. Clement .”

Niagara Herald, January 18, 1802

African slavery existed in the colonies of New France and British North America for over 200 years, yet there remains a profound silence in classrooms and teaching resources about Canada’s involvement in the African slave trade. 

The topic of enslavement has been included in the revised Ontario Social Studies, History, and Geography curriculum (2013).  As part of a unique workshop series on strategies for teaching Black history in elementary and secondary grades, Black history curriculum specialist, educator, author, and historian Natasha Henry will be offering an engaging workshop aimed to help educators incorporate the history of African enslavement in Canada into their history program. 

Participants will learn how to include the experiences of enslaved African men, women, and children into the curriculum in a meaningful way through the use of primary and secondary sources. 

Two additional dates have been added: Wednesday October 30, 2013 and Saturday, November 2, 2013.Please see the flyer for more information. Don’t miss this incredible educational opportunity for classroom teachers and teacher candidates! Space is limited. For more information on registration contact Natasha Henry at fundi_edu@hotmail.com .    

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