Tubman Working Paper Series: Tim Bryan presents “Hate Crime, Racism and the Making of Canadian Identity”

You are invited to the second Harriet Tubman Institute Working Paper presentation with Tim Bryan, PhD candidate in Socio-Legal Studies: “Hate Crime, Racism and the Making of Canadian Identity” 

Tuesday, October 8th at 12:30 in the Harriet Tubman Institute, York Lanes 321.
Bring your lunch. Bring a friend.

In this paper Bryan considers the production of knowledge about racism through an analysis of sentencing decisions in two prominent racial motivated hate crime cases (both pursued under section 718.2(i) of the Canadian Criminal Code). Specifically,he examines how racism can be made visible and invisible; how it can go seen and unseen; revealed and masked through the very legal measures designed to combat the problem of racial hatred. He argues that the simultaneous veiling and unveiling of racism reveals much about the operation and manifestation of racism, the ways in which understandings of racism are tied to national identities, and the way the legal pronouncements can be sites for the transformation of racism.

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