Tubman Working Paper Series: Betty Ann Henry talks about weight discrimination, identity and Caribbean Canadian women

The Tubman Working Paper Series is pleased to announce Betty Ann Henry and her presentation on “Weight Discrimination and the Stigmatization of Fat Black Women (fBw)” on Tuesday November 19th from 12:30-2pm at the Tubman Institute, 319 York Lanes (Tubman Resource Centre).

This presentation examines how weight discrimination stigmatizes fat people, particularly, fat Black women (fBw) and how this prejudice is replicated in the labour force. It will focus on what the existing research tells us about: (1) why (and how) the fat female body is stigmatized, (2) the consequences of this stigma for Black women’s labour force participation, and (3) how size, race and gender overlap to create layers of oppression.
Much of the work on body weight issues has traditionally been pursued by medical researchers; consequently, the dominant discourses are narrowly focused on the health implications of obesity, implications which are then used to justify workplace exclusion. Recently, there has been much interest in the study of body weight issues from a non-medical perspective, but the ways in which weight (size), race, gender and labour exclusion intersect has been largely ignored. During the Q&A session of this presentation, Henry will also be interested in opinions and feedback on how to address that gap.
Betty Ann Henry is pursuing her MA in Sociology at York University. She received her first Honours BA in English and Communications (double major), and her second in Sociology (major), Work and Labour Studies (minor) and a Certificate in Anti-Racist Research and Practice (CARRP) also all at York University.
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