CFP: Slavery in Africa – Past, Heritage, Present

The organizing committee of the international conference, “Slavery in Africa: Past, Heritage, Present” are inviting all interested researchers to submit paper or panel proposals. The conference will be held in Nairobi, Kenya from October 27-29, 2014.

This international conference seeks to mark a significant moment in the reactivation and intensification of research on slavery in Africa. The conference will look at all types of sources, – oral, written and audio-visual, – with a particular focus on the collection and analysis of testimonies by slaves and their descendants. Moreover, the conference aims to promote a better understanding of the links between African slavery and different slave trades, which have been studied extensively in African historiography. They invite proposals for papers or panels from a variety of perspectives, disciplines, and fields, on topics including (but not limited to):

  1. Slavery and slave trade in African Societies (from origin of slavery until 7th century)
  2. Slavery and slave trade in African Societies (8th century until 15th century)
  3. Slavery, slave trade and colonisation in Africa
  4. Anti-slavery movements and abolitions in Africa
  5. The vocabulary of Slavery: terms describing slaves and slave-descendants in Africa
  6. Slave and bonded labour in Africa
  7. Slavery, citizenship and power relations, past and present
  8. Slavery and land tenure in Africa
  9. Ideologies of slavery in Africa: “blood,” “race” and the construction of “otherness”
  10. Slave social formations in Africa
  11. Relationship between slavery in Africa and external slave trades
  12. Contemporary slavery and human trafficking in Africa
  13. Slavery and legal systems in Africa
  14. Slavery and culture in Africa: literature, arts, music, cinema etc.
  15. Slavery and religions in Africa
  16. Biographies and slave voices in Africa
  17. Slavery, international debates, and their impact on Africa
  18. Heritage and memories of slavery in Africa
  19. The silencing of slavery: silences and denials of the slave experience
  20. Migrations, mobility, and slavery

The deadline for the submission of paper and panel abstracts is February 28, 2014. Please see the conference flyer for more information. S’il vous plaît voir la brochure de la conférence pour plus d’informations

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