Talk on conflict minerals, natural resource governance and gender in Africa’s Great Lakes Region

Joanne Lebert will give a talk on “Conflict Minerals, Natural Resource Governance & Gender in Africa’s Great Lakes Region: International Dimensions, Local Realities” on Tuesday December 3 from 12:30-2pm in 280A York Lanes.

‘Conflict Minerals’ refers to four high-value minerals (tin, tungsten, tantalum or coltan and gold) that have proven to be important sources of conflict financing in the Democratic Republic of Congo. These are minerals that are used in everyday electronic products as well as medical devices, and by the automotive and aerospace industries. Advocacy campaigns, regulatory and legal regimes as well as a variety of international and in-region initiatives have emerged in response to the ‘conflict minerals’ issue.

Lebert will draw on PAC’s resource governance expertise and supply chain management experience to offer up critical reflections on the international, national and local dimensions of the ‘conflict minerals issue’ and specifically as relates to gender.

Joanne Lebert is the Director of the Great Lakes Programme at Partnership Africa Canada (PAC). PAC is a co-founder of the Kimberley Process established to regulate the trade in ‘blood diamonds.’ In support of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR), PAC has recently developed and is currently implementing a Regional Certification Mechanism for ‘conflict minerals.’

This talk is sponsored by the Extractive Industries Research Group and the Harriet Tubman Institute.

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