Database of the Constitutions of Sub-Saharan Africa now online

The Database of the Constitutions of Sub-Saharan Africa (DCSSA) offering constitutional documents for 52 Sub-Saharan countries since their independence is now available online.

The collection contains constitutions, as well as amendments and constitutional bills. The documents are provided in their original language, and, if available, in their English translation. The DCSSA was set up with support of the German Foundation for Peace Research (Deutsche Stiftung Friedensforschung) for the research project “Traditional Institutions in sub-Saharan Africa:Endangering or Promoting Stable Domestic Peace?” at the University of Konstanz.

The database provides a collection of web links to online resources and publicly available PDF-files for individual use. At present, several constitutional documents are still missing from the database, but they are working on completing the constitutional chronology for all countries. Sharing of online resources or documents missing from the database is strongly encouraged.

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