Tubman welcomes exchange student: José Andrés Fernández Montes de Oca

The Harriet Tubman Institute is pleased to welcome international exchange student, José Andrés Fernández Montes de Oca. Fernández is at the Tubman Institute and York University, through the Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (ELAP) scholarship.

2014-01-30 13.44.44 (1)Fernández’s undergraduate research was focused on understanding the formation of the Costa Rican Afro-Caribbean social movement that occurred during the first decades of the twentieth century, while taking into account the transitional patterns of West Indian migrations and the emergence of the black internationalist and anti-colonial movements. In particular, he was interested in the social and political organization and thought of the Universal Negro Improvement Association in Costa Rica in the early 1900’s.

Focusing on the theory of Garveyism and the Black Internationalist movement, Fernández is interested in researching the social movements and political thoughts that were created, and transformed the West Indian migrations sphere in the twentieth century. As well, Fernández is interested in Caribbean and Atlantic history, in relation to interconnected contexts such as Europe, the Americas and Africa; regardless of spatial, cultural, or political boundaries.

Fernández completed his undergraduate studies in History at the University of Costa Rica in 2013. He is currently in the Graduate History program at the University of Costa Rica.

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