Tubman Speaker Series: Frank Luce & Robert Faris on Protestant missionaries in Angola and Mozambique

The Tubman Speaker Series is pleased to present Dr. Frank Luce and Dr. Robert Faris and their talk on Protestant missionaries in Angola and Mozambique on Thursday, March 27th at 3:30pm in 305 York Lanes.

In this talk, Luce and Faris will discuss how Protestant missionaries in Angola and Mozambique were mistrusted by colonial authorities because their nationality was not Portuguese and their religion was not Roman Catholic. Later events revealed that this mistrust was often well placed as the Protestant missions trained the core leadership of liberation movements in Portugal’s African colonies. Luce and Faris will look at the biographies of Eduardo Mondlane – the first president of Mozambique’s FRELIMO – and Murray MacInnes – a Canadian missionary in Angola – and examine this relation between Protestant education and African liberation.

Luce photoFrank Luce teaches labour studies at York University and is a member of Tubman’s Luso-African research group. His current research interest is in the relation between Canadian missionaries in Angola, forced labour, and Angola’s armed struggle for liberation. Luce practiced labour law with the trade union movement in Canada and has published in the area of labour law and human rights in Ontario, Brazil and Angola.

Faris photoRobert Faris taught at the ecumenical Seminário Unido de Ricatla in Mozambique in a period of significant transition from 1989 to 1994. His experience there, led him into an examination of the largely untold story of the role of the protestant churches in the country’s struggle for liberation. His doctoral thesis from the University of Cape Town is under publication by Wipf and Stock under the title, Liberating Mission in Mozambique: Faith and Revolution in the Life of Eduardo Mondlane. He is currently Associate Minister at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Toronto.

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