Tubman welcomes Daniela Carvalho Cavalheiro

Daniela Carvalho Cavalheiro The Tubman Institute welcomes visiting exchange student, Daniela Carvalho Cavalheiro. Cavalheiro is a master’s student from the Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ), Brazil. She is at York University and the Tubman Institute through the Emerging Leaders of America Program (ELAP).

Cavalheiro’s study is focused on the history of liberated Africans in Brazil, in particular, those who came from West Central Africa to Rio de Janeiro. Cavalheiro is interested in examining the lives and labour of this particular group of liberated Africans, their establishment in Brazil and their social relations. As well, Cavalheiro is interested on the social networks created by the liberated African women, as well as the forms of work and life created by them.

During her exchange at the Tubman Institute, Cavalheiro expects to explore and discuss West Central Africa regarding social organization and culture, in order to acquire an African perspective in her thesis. Cavalheiro also hopes to examine labour history and social formations in Africa and compare them with the Brazilian case. Her main interests in research include African Diaspora, slavery studies and labour studies.

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