Tubman Year-in-Numbers

As I prepare the Tubman Annual Report for 2013-14, I thought I would share our year-in-numbers:

  • 2700 Africana books and journals donated to the Tubman Resource Centre in May 2013 from Greta Coger;
  • 3 metres of archival documents – “Ken Shah Caribana Papers” – donated to Tubman;
  • 100 (approx) volumes digitized – comprising of 7,323 images, 167GB – in the Sierra Leone Public Archives;
  • 1000s more Christian manuscripts in Northern Ethiopian and endangered archives in Angola digitized by Tubman members and graduate students;
  • 12 Speaker Series seminars;
  • 5 graduate student Working Papers;
  • 5 conferences and 5 workshops hosted by Tubman;
  • co-hosted another dozen events;
  • 4th annual Student Summer Program for teens on the African Diaspora hosted;
  • 2 SSHRC Partnership Letters of Intent (LOI), 2 SSHRC Insight grants (one with successful result), 1 CIHR Connection grant, 3 SSHRC Connection grants (two successful, one pending), and OGS and SSHRC doctoral grants for Tubman affiliated students;
  • 5 visiting international graduate students from 3 countries;
  • 1 work-study student and 2 undergraduate volunteers in the Resource Centre;
  • 4 books published in the Harriet Tubman Series with Africa World Press;
  • 1 Banting Fellow in residence;
  • 1 new Director’s Blog; and
  • many posts to the Tubman website, Facebook page, and Listserv which reaches over a 1000 members.
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