Call for excursion: The First World War in the Caribbean: Trinidad and Tobago


The Department of History of the University of the West Indies (UWI), St. Augustine is offering a two weeks excursion to the Caribbean Islands of Trinidad and Tobago. The excursions begins in Tobago on March 2nd and also end there on March 15th. The excursion is entitled: “The First World War in the Caribbean: Trinidad and Tobago”.
Altogether participants will have the opportunity to be part of 16 Seminars and 8 Field Trips. Through these activities participants will be exposed to the History of the Caribbean before, during and after the First World War. The excursion covers the period 1898 to 1930.

After an introduction will focus on Trinidad and Tobago during the war.

  • The following themes will be examined:
    Pre-war Crisis in the Caribbean and Circum-Caribbean (e.g. Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Nicaragua)
  • State of Emergency (e.g.: curfew, food rationing, proclamations, edicts and ordinances, policing and surveillance, customs, postal communications, every day dramas, personal stories and narratives, private and official correspondences).
  • War Economy (e.g.: food production, production of military garb, weaponry [e.g.: fuel, oil gas and energy supplies], the managed economy).
  • Conduct of War (e.g. : Military Strategies, alliances, recruitment, the West Indian Regiment, Black Soldiers, establishment of military bases and barracks, military cemeteries, prisoners of war [Germans, Austrians(-Hungarians), Bulgarians, Turks, Collaborators], detention camps.
  • Media (e.g.: radio, newspapers, pamphlets, posters, films, propaganda).
  • Post-War consequences (Disbanded soldiers, war veterans, monuments, migration, diplomacy, economic and political transitions processes).

The seminars will took place in lecture theatres of the UWI in Tobago and in Trinidad. Maxi Taxi transportation will be provided for the field trips. All classes are conducted in English.
Costs: US$ 400,- (16 SE und 12 FT)
1 Seminar = 45 Minutes
1 Field trip = 60 Minutes
The total contact hours: 28.
A student should participate in a minimum of 80% of the contact hours in order to secure their certificate. Students may acquire additional credits through the presentation of a 25 page thesis related to themes discussed in the seminar units of the excursion.

Cost of flights to and from Trinidad and Tobago and for connections between the two islands (ferry or flight) are not included in the excursion fee. Students must book all flights independently. The organizers are, however,  willing to help you in your search for cheap transatlantic flights. The accommodation on both islands are coordinated by the University of the West Indies. The actual cost will depend ultimately on the occupancy (single room, double room or shared room). The cost for accommodation must be paid on site. You are free however to search independently for accommodation. The cost of ground transportation dependents on the actual number of participants. Participants will receive more information about cost of transportation as soon as possible.

Coordinators: Dr. Michael Toussaint and Dr. Christian Cwik
Registration and Information: Dr. Christian Cwik:

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