Tubman Talks: “European and African Colonialisms: Decoloring a Political Economy of Exploitation”

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Dr. Awet T. Weldemichael will present, “European and African Colonialisms: Decoloring a Political Economy of Exploitation” on Thursday, January 28, 2016, at the Harriet Tubman Institute from 2:30-4:00 p.m.

Race became a salient feature of — and white racism analogous with — European colonial domination of Africa. At its core, however, colonialism is a political economic dynamic of brute force, subjection and exploitation between the powerful with an insatiable appetite for more and the weak who have what the powerful want. Although Europeans have marvelously succeeded at it for the last few centuries, its traits are not peculiarly European. Africans too have done it on one another in ways that are as similar as they are different from European colonialism in the continent. This lecture will highlight some of the broad contours of European colonialism in Africa in juxtaposition with secondary colonialism in the continent, i.e. the colonial domination of Africans by more powerful Africans. Their shared arrogance, perfidy and justifying ideologies can be seen past the color lines that add salience to one and allow the other to go unnoticed.

Brief Bio:

 Awet T. Weldemichael is a Queen’s National Scholar in African History, Queen’s University at Kingston, ON, and an associate of the Indian Ocean World Center at McGill University. He received his PhD in African and Southeast Asian history at UCLA in 2008. He is the author of Third World Colonialism and Strategies of Liberation (Cambridge University Press, 2013). In the past four years he has been studying the root causes, dynamics and consequences of maritime piracy off the coast of Somalia, and his book Global Causes and Local Consequences is expected in 2016. He has previously held teaching and research positions at African, European and U.S. universities.



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