Tubman Talks: “Chiefly Governance in Colonial Malawi and Post-Colonial Malawi”

Dr. Joey Power will present a paper entitled, “Chiefly Governance in Colonial Malawi and Post-Colonial Malawi” on 14 April 2016 at the Harriet Tubman Institute from 2:30-4:00.


joeyDr. Joey Power teaches African history and history through film to Ryerson undergraduates. She taught history at Dalhousie University and the University of Toronto before coming to Ryerson in 1990. While doing fieldwork in Malawi she also taught at the University of Malawi’s Chancellor College campus from 1994 to 1996. Her research area is 20th-century Central Africa and she has published articles on the economic, social, and political history of Malawi and the Central African Federation in a number of international journals, including African Affairs and Journal of Southern African Studies. Funded by a SSHRCC General Research Grant, her monograph, Political Culture and Nationalism in Malawi: Building Kwacha (2010) is the product of some 20 years research and writing on the region. Current research interests include explorations in reading film as historical text and historical artefact, African intellectuals and decolonization, and the role of orality in political culture. As well, she is a member of the graduate faculty at Ryerson University.

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