Tubman Talks: “March to Freedom: The Prison Industrial Complex in Canada” – November 24, 2016

“March to Freedom”: The Prison Industrial Complex in Canada — A Conversation with 180 Change Street

180change_12x14_tshirt-1In 2010, 180 Change Street started the “March to Freedom” project as an initiative that examines the role and impact of the prison industrial complex in the lives of young persons, especially those of African descent, in Canada. In an analysis which envisions the experiences of modern day incarceration as analogous to enslavement, persons affected by the complex, who have had to leave “free society”, who have entered into the world of “corrections” and who have fashioned means of surviving its hurdles discuss their experiences, lessons and most of all solutions. Join us at the Harriet Tubman Institute Resource Centre from 2:30 – 4:30 p.m. on 24 November 2016.




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