Performing Diaspora 2013

Performing Diaspora posterPerforming Diaspora, since its 2009 inception, has been a flagship project of the Harriet Tubman Institute,–dedicated to supporting the development of valuable educational tools to enhance student understanding of African Diaspora in Canada.

Operating within the vision of the Institute that “people have a right to know their own history,” the S.P.A.C.E. Initiative, whose mandate is to undertake collaborative research and social innovation programmes for collecting and providing access to individual and collective memories and contemporary records about the African Diaspora in Canada, will helm Performing Diaspora 2013.

Starting in February, this year’s edition of Performing Diaspora will consist of a film showcase as well as a music conference. Our film showcase will feature creative works by Canadian filmmakers on people of African heritage within the Toronto African Diaspora; the filmmakers & cast will host a discussion period with the audience geared towards answering “How does one perform Diaspora?” Videos from the Contemporary Griot can be found here.

pd 2013 poster

Our music conference in June 2013, will answer the same question by focussing on the development of the African Canadian Urban Music culture industry of post-WWII Toronto.  The event will feature academics, musicians, industry and media professionals who have been central to the development and sustenance of African Canadian music in Toronto, as well as throughout Canada. 

The official Performing Diaspora 2013 website

Videos from the History of Urban Music in Toronto conference can be found here.