The History of Urban Music in Toronto Conference Videos

Performing Diaspora 2013: June 1, 2013, ACW(Accolade West) 109, York University (Keele Campus)
The full Conference schedule can be found here.

Opening Remarks from Performing Diaspora Committee Curator: Francesca D’Amico. Greetings from the History Department’s Graduate Director: Dr. William Jenkins.


Academic Panel 1 -“My Style’s Off The Thermostat, Plus I’m Coming From the Cold”: Identity and Meaning-Making in Toronto Hip Hop. 

Moderator: Tapo Chimbganda
Del Cowie, “Remixing ‘Let Your Backbone Slide’.”
Audrey Hudson, “Narratives in Hip Hop: Solidarity in ‘Idle No More’.”
A.W. Lee, “Hip Hop Never Embraced Faggots:Queer Hip Hop Diaspora in Toronto.”
Ola Mohammed, “My Poetry Hails Within the Streets, My Poetry Fails to Be Discrete: Examining the Issues of Belonging and Identity in Southern Ontario Diasporic Hip  Hop Music.” 


Roundtable 1: Toronto Hip Hop Practitioners.  

Moderator: Shaheen Ariefdien
Panelists: Daneo, Maestro, Michie Mee, Mindbender, Motion 


Academic Panel 2 -“My Side Will Never Be Denied”: Performativity in the Canadian Music Industry. 

Moderator: Marlene Gaynair
Amrita Kauldher, “Diasporic Dubs Gone Viral: Hyperlinking Humble the Poet and Sikh Knowledge.”
Deepak Mehmi, “Toronto: A Locality Where DIY Rappers Remix Perspectives of Market-Oriented Hustle.”
Sam Tecle, “Performing Blackness While Looking Both Ways.” 


Roundtable 2: Toronto Music Industry Insiders. 

Moderator: Simon Black
Panelists: Chris Jackson, Dalton Higgins, DJ X, Master T,DJ Mel Boogie