Annual US/Canadian Genealogy Conference in Buxton, Ontario

Buxton LogoSince 1925, as part of its determination to preserve the history of the thousands of persons of African descent who migrated from the United States to Canada during the nineteenth century, the community of North Buxton has gathered for a period of commemoration and celebration. In 1998, the community added the Annual US/Canadian Genealogy Conference as part of the celebrations (which traditionally take place on the Labour Day weekend); this conference has attracted historians, writers, storytellers, and lecturers who have added their voices to the narratives concerning persons of African descent in North America. Among the individuals and groups who have supported this community-based conference over the years have been individuals from the Harriet Tubman Institute—in particular,  the S.P.A.C.E. Initiative .

By 2009, as the conference became increasingly successful, it became clear that it was becoming a strain on the committee that plans and drives the overall Labour Day Celebration. Hence, in 2009, the Harriet Tubman Institute entered into a more formal form of support for the conference by offering to organize the details of the conference, in collaboration with the Buxton National Historic Site and Museum. Since then, persons associated with the S.P.A.C.E. Initiative have been working with members of the Buxton community to ensure the maintenance of this important aspect of the African Canadian scholarly and community calendar.

13th Annual US/Canadian Genealogy Conference, September 3, 2010
14th Annual US/Canadian Genealogy Conference, September 2, 2011