Book Launch and Discussion of Joseph Mensah’s “Black Canadians: History, Experience, Social Conditions”


On March 31, 2011, the SPACE Initiative organised the launch of Dr. Joseph Mensah’s second edition of his highly regarded work—Black Canadians: History, Experience, Social Conditions—which chronicles the experiences of African Canadians. Black Canadians examines more than 300 years of black Canadian history, from the first migration of slaves, black loyalists, and Civil War refugees to the expansive movement brought about by the establishment of the point system in 1967. Venturing beyond established orthodoxies and simplistic solutions to discuss the contentious ethno-racial problems in Canada, this pointed critique addresses the geography of the settlements and the labor market, sports management, race and ethnic relations, and employment equity vis-à-vis the black experience. With the students from the African Canadian History course at York in attendance, Dr. Mensah outlined the updates and additions to this work and fielded questions from the students and others in attendance. Since the students had read the book for their course, the discussion was lively and informed. Dr. Mensah is a professor in the Department of Geography at York University. 
Black Canadians: History, Experience, Social Conditions is available from Fernwood Publishing