Tubman Seminar Series 2001/2002

  • Gwyn Campbell  (Université d’Avignon)     
    Title: “Interpretations of Imerina Social History” *      
    Date: 16 August 2001
  • Renée Soulodre-La France (York University)     
    Title: “‘Por el Amor!’ Child Killing in Colonial Nueva Granada”     
    Date: 10 September 2001
  • Bruce Connell (York University) and David Zeitlyn (University of Kent)     
    Title: “Ethnogenesis and Fractal History on an African Frontier: Mambila – Njerep – Mandulu”     
    Date: 17 September 2001
  • Nicholas Rogers (York University)    
    Title: “War, Race and Marginality: The Mosquito Coast in the Eighteenth Century”     
    Date: 2 October 2001
  • Beatriz Gallotti Mamigonian (University of Waterloo)     
    Title: “Considering the labour experience of the liberated Africans in Brazil: Desidério and João Mina, André Lualle and Honorata Benguella and the fate of the recaptives at the service of the Brazilian state, 1830s-1860s”     
    Date: 24 October 2001
  • Emma Christopher (University of Toronto)     
    Title: “Black Jacks and the Trade in Black Gold”     
    Date: 13 March 2002
  • Olivier Pétré-Grenouilleau (Université de Lorient)     
    Title: “Slave Trade History and Memory. The Snares of Eurocentrism”
    Date: 19 March 2002
  • Chouki El Hamel (University of Arizona and Schomburg Centre)     
    Title: “Writing Moroccan Slavery: Slave Registers and Slave Definition”     
    Date: 25 March 2002
  • Carolyn Brown (Rutgers University)     
    “Contestation and Identity Formation under Colonialism: Emancipation Struggles in Southern Nkanu, 1920-1935”     
    Date: 2 April 2002