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We Stand on Guard for Thee: Teaching and Learning the African Canadian Experience in the War of 1812 is a groundbreaking web-based educational project featuring new research on the Black involvement in the War of 1812.

In this section, teachers can find direct links to all the educational resources this project has to offer, including all the short-form narratives (in both English and French) which outline the experiences of Black soldiers during the war, as well as significant events and the consequences of war; all the long-form reports which detail the Black contribution to the war; engaging lesson plans on each topic which are designed to meet some of the curriculum expectations for Grade 3 Social Studies, Grade 7 History, Grade 8 Geography, as well as the Grade 12 Canadian and World Studies course, Canada: History, Identity, and Culture (CHI 4U) with additional connections also made to the subject areas of Language, Drama, and Art; and the primary documents which our researchers have uncovered through archival searches using databases from Library and Archives Canada, Archives of Ontario, Nova Scotia Archives, and others.

We have also made available for download the Master Bibliography for the project, which compiles all the primary and secondary resources our researchers used to create this project, links to Related Organizations which provide additional information about the War of 1812.

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