Africa, Brazil and the Construction of Trans Atlantic Black Identities

Africa_Brazil_and_the_Construction_of_Trans_Atlantic_Black_IdentitiesThe flow of ideas about race, anti-racism and black or African identity across the Atlantic is the focus of this volume of essays drawn from a very special international South-South workshop held on the island of Gorée, Senegal, in December 2002, the aim of which was to critically assess the study of fluxes and refluxes, ruptures and reciprocal influences in the relations between the two shores of the Atlantic.  



Barry, Boubakar
Sansone, Livio
Soumonni, Elisée
New Brunswick, NJ: Africa World Press
Publication year: 

Livio Sansone, Elisée Soumonni and Boubakar Barry, Africa, Brazil and the Construction of Trans Atlantic Black Identities (New Brunswick NJ: Africa World Press, 2008)