Slavery, Islam and Diaspora


Slavery_Islam_and_DiasporaThis collection brings together the key essays on the history of slavery in the Sokoto Caliphate in West Africa of Paul E. Lovejoy, Distinguished Research Professor of History at York University and holder of the Canada Research Chair in African Diaspora History. Lovejoy’s work explores the role of slavery in the consolidation of the largest state in Africa in the 19th century, particularly in relation to the interior of modern Nigeria, Niger, and Benin before c. 1900, when Muslim merchants and entrepreneurs dominated economy and society.


Lovejoy, Paul E. 
Trenton, NJ: Africa World Press
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Paul E. Lovejoy, Slavery, Commerce and Production In The Sokoto Caliphate of West Africa (Trenton NJ: Africa World Press, 2005)